Tue, June 9, 2015  

At Ulster County Fairgrounds
New Paltz, NY

Fee: $150 per person

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Donkey Hoofcare and Rehab Clinic with Pete Ramey
For farriers, vets, and owners

About the Clinic

At last! A hoof care clinic which focuses on donkeys!

Pete Ramey was particularly sought out to conduct this workshop because of his concern and recognition for the lack of information on donkey hoof care which led to his creation of a comprehensive donkey hoof care course designed for owners, farriers and veterinarians encapsulated in the 3 DVD set Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out (more info). This DVD set is an excellent educational work and we highly recommend it in general and as great preparatory material for this workshop.

To provide the essential background necessary for diagnosing and correcting donkey hoof issues and for maintaining donkey hoof health, this clinic begins with an indepth look into the physiology and anatomy of the donkey hoof and discusses how they differ from horses. It will also provide an understanding of how a donkey's overall lifestyle and diet are critical components of hoof health and will present insights into donkey behavior and how to work with them.

But most of the clinic is a practical workshop with live demonstrations on six animals (mostly donkeys but perhaps a mule or horse for comparison purposes) which will demonstrate the practical application of the information previously presented and Pete Ramey's knowledge and experience.

Class size is purposely limited to 15 to allow participants to closely watch and actively engage with Pete during demonstrations.

About Pete Ramey

Pete Ramey is a farrier specializing full-time in laminitis and caudal foot pain cases and an educator dedicated to the rehabilitation and prevention of hoof problems. Aside from his local practice, he has traveled the world working on “hard cases” and teaching, written two hoof care books, written numerous articles, produced a very popular series of instructional DVDs dedicated to the rehabilitation and prevention of hoof problems, and co-founded the American Hoof Association (AHA).

Pete Ramey began his farrier training in 1994 through a two-year local apprenticeship. He also shod his own herd (25 horses in work as mountain trail horses) before officially going into business in 1996. From the beginning, he was inherently drawn to laminitis and caudal foot pain cases—immersing himself in the study of rehabilitative trimming and shoeing techniques. But it wasn’t until 1998, when he began informal training by Cindy Sullivan, that things really started falling into place. She introduced him to a whole-horse way of thinking about hoof problems. Over the course of the next two years, he bought some 30 horses with hoof problems from the “killer pens” to advance his skills and give the horses a second chance. He became forever addicted to the study of equine soundness and rehabilitation.

He lives in the Georgia mountains with the love of his life and 4 great kids. You can find out more about Pete and his practice by visiting his website: HoofRehab.com.

Additional Information

  • Before the clinic begins, everyone in attendance will be required to sign this release form.

  • Things to Remember (From Pete's website):
    • Food and water. Bring a lunch, snacks and adequate beverages to sustain you throughout the clinic. You’ll want twice as much as you think.

    • Adequate clothing. It always seems to surprise people—how cold they can get standing or sitting all day in one spot. Be prepared for it to be colder than you expect (in winter) and hotter than you expect (in summer). Expect it to rain or snow, no matter what the weatherman says. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t remember a thing from the workshop. Come prepared!

    • Folding camp chair.

    • Notepad and pen.

    • Hotel/Motel reservations. A list of accommodations in the area will be provided. Don’t forget to make early reservations—some of these small towns can fill up fast.

    • Be courteous to others. No profanity, alcoholic beverages or illegal activities during the workshop— this is a family environment. Avoid unrelated conversation near the work area. Back up a step and give Pete and the horse room to move, and allow others to see—just use common sense and courtesy—act like you hope everyone else will act.

Register / Enroll

This workshop has no seats available from the number allotted to Hudson Valley Donkey Events.

However... A portion of the available seats are sold through Pete Ramey's website and you may find that he still has some seats available. To find out, visit Pete Ramey's Workshop Schedule page and look for the "New Paltz, NY Donkey Workshop".

Seats may become available at the last minute due to drops. If you would like to be put on the waitlist for this clinic, please Contact Us.